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I am the sole manager of the following social media networks and platforms for Record: Don’t forget to follow and like us!

northjerseyfbnorthjerseytwitter   northjerseyinsta

Facebook reached out to my company to do a live Q&A when the feature was brand new and only offered to companies Facebook contacted. I worked with two members of Facebook and did a live Q&A with The Record’s reporter Shawn Boburg about his coverage of the Christie administration’s involvement of the closing of lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge. We ran the Q&A for an hour and it yielded excellent results.

gwbscreenshotWith the success of that live Q&A – we decided to do another one – this time with the videographer and lead editor of our special report In Heroin’s Grip.


We were the number one site for the sentencing of the Giudices from the Bravo TV show The Real Houswives of New Jersey  – we even beat out Bravo as the place to go because of my up-to-the-second tweeting with #RHONJ. Our average monthly impressions on Twitter are around 1.3M, but we garnered that much in one day because of the socialization.



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